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The Framily Farm Sanctuary
Penrose, Colorado
Grant writing/development

Member since 2023-01-26

Session Overview

We are in need of money to complete our setup, and to be fully functioning before the month after Easter (all the "cute" animals come to us because they are too much work or no longer cute. Fencing, security cameras(literally just had ppl come onto the back porch to steal chickens), insurance, and general help with running this 501c3 [(170(b)(1)(A)(vi) ].


Nonprofit Overview

We rehabilitate animals that are no longer useful for production on a farm or are sick and injured and help them live out their lives as emotional support animals for people of alter-abilities. If we are unable to rehome them, then they stay here. We also educate people about alternative animals for support, healthy food production, and finances on a fixed income. Our mission is to help remind Mother Earth's children that we can live here symbiotically and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled self-sustainable life.


Grant writing