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Global Partners Unlimited Refugee Services
Phoenix, Arizona
Grant writing/development

Member since 2023-01-21

Session Overview

I have started a not-for-profit entity, and I am in a stage where I needed to start soliciting grant. I have not written grant in the past, but I have read a book on how to write a grant. I need help in generating an outline for the grant as well as certain components of the grant such as program description, program design, goals, objectives, and evaluation.
Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Nonprofit Overview

Global Partners Unlimited Refugees Services exists to assist refugees in becoming self-sufficient through education. GPURS operates to assist refugees who resettle in Arizona to achieve self-sufficiency with a focus on all levels of education and vocational training. Within three years of operation, the agency will build a capacity to improve 25% of refugees resettled in Arizona to long-term self-sufficiency status. GPURS will achieve this goal by focusing on education and vocational training and by covering the gaps that current resettlement agencies are not addressing.


Grant writing