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KruShan Foundation
Wimberley, Texas
Grant writing/development

Member since 2022-12-11

Session Overview

We are in our first year and need help finding grantmakers that will fund a new nonprofit. We have already funded some small projects but lack the funding to continue our mission. We would like to discuss how to find organizations and corporate sponsors who would be interested in funding us and how to approach them. The irony is that it seems that our nonprofit is too small or too young to get funding, but we need funding to grow. We would be grateful for your help and expertise.


Nonprofit Overview

KruShan Foundation, co-founded by Kruger and Shannon du Plessis, works to protect endangered African penguins from extinction. Much like a canary in a coal mine, the iconic African penguin is an indicator species whose status warns of the effects of climate change on oceans, our planet's lungs, and, therefore, us. Amidst the fear and stress of the climate crisis, we choose hope and action by helping to save one species from extinction.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity based in Wimberley, Texas. Tax ID # 87-4716839


Grant writing