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Advocating 4 Kids Inc
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2020-09-23

Session Overview

We seek to consult with a marketing manager to provide insight and advice on marketing our first national virtual conference.
So far, we have a landing page providing information about the conference.
Here is a link to the current landing page.

Need help making sure we reach the audience the event is intended to help.


Nonprofit Overview

Advocating 4 Kids Inc is a non-profit organization that provides training, resources and direct advocacy support to parents of children with disabilities. Our organization has a special focus on outreach to Minority and/or lower social-economic status families whose cultural and civil rights needs are often overlooked in the state of Virginia. We provide workshops and presentations to communities on the educational disparities in Virginia where about two of every 1,000 African-American students were expelled vs. one of every 1,000 white students. We also file state and federal complaints against the school district who violate the civil rights of parents and students. We support, and/or represent parents in the Due Process administrative hearings and appeal cases to the federal courts when necessary. We Partner with community organizations to bring awareness about the national and state gaps in equity and representation of under served populations.


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