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Leading for Children
South Orange, New Jersey
Board Development

Member since 2023-08-16

Session Overview

My goal for this consultation is to figure out what our board needs in terms of development and how to ignite interest among our board in board development. We are a young (7 years), national non-profit (Leading for Children focused on improving outcomes for children birth to five by strengthening the leadership skills of the adults who care for and educate them. We have a small board - 7 members - and need to: 1) increase membership with specializations (we have done a matrix of needs assessment) and, 2) support them in their role as fundraisers.


Nonprofit Overview

Children’s optimal development relies on positive relationships with adults. Too often, early learning systems are rife with inequity and mistrust among adults, which undermines a healthy growth environment for children. At Leading for Children, our vision is that all children, from birth to five, grow and learn in thriving and collaborative communities of empowered and nurturing adults. To achieve this, we strengthen communities by advancing evidence-based approaches where adults collaborate equitably towards positive outcomes for children.


Board development