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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Alliance for Ukraine
Washington, D.C.
Accounting & Finance

Member since 2023-02-15

Session Overview

We would like help to develop a scope of work for one or more related projects for which we plan to seek pro-bono assistance through Taproot. Our small, all-volunteer nonprofit recently experienced a major upsurge in revenues and expenses as we mounted an emergency response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While we remain entirely volunteer-run, we have more sophisticated accounting and financial reporting needs now than we did before.

We would like to utilize a consultation session to assess how these tasks should be bundled into projects to post on Taproot. The tasks we have in mind include:

- Quickbooks true-up to reconcile against our bank account (we adopted Quickbooks Online last year and are still learning how to use it)
- Quickbooks accounting guide to document our procedures (for use by current and future volunteers)
- Initial preparation to plan for a future audit (our organization is going on 6 years old and has never done an audit before)
- Development of more robust budgeting process and fundraising planning (what can we plan for, given how much donations fluctuate?)


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to to empower an international network of people, agencies, and organizations dedicated to fostering a self-determined and globally-connected Ukraine by enacting the shared values of the Peace Corps community. Our organization’s strategic goals are inspired by and rooted in our three pillars: community, information, and impact.