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Songs for World Peace
Boston, Massachusetts

Member since 2023-03-01

Session Overview

Hello, we are seeking expert advice to assess and enhance our fundraising activities. We're encountering challenges in raising funds to support our projects and mission focused on world peace through the power of music.
Specifically, we need guidance on diversifying our fundraising sources, enhancing donor engagement, and optimizing our fundraising campaigns. We will provide necessary information for your review upon request. For more information, please visit our website []. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.


Nonprofit Overview

Songs for World Peace (SWP) is a global initiative that promotes world peace through the power of music in the honor of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. Our mission is to release 190+ songs about world peace, written by global artists representing 190+ countries and performed in 70+ languages.

In 2020, musicians founded the SWP to promote peace around the world, believing that music is an effective medium for bringing awareness of global issues and creating unity. Since its inception, SWP has released 90+ songs by 100+ artists from 80+ countries and reached audiences from 72 countries. The project also has been covered by multiple press releases, including AP, PRLOG, TABI LABO, REUTERS, and Fox. Additionally, SWP has collaborated with partners to facilitate Peace Panel Discussion where global leaders, artists, and audiences exchange ideas and promote pathways to world peace.