Fresh Life Foundation

Virtual Office Hours

Board Development

Session details

  • Organization website
  • Community Development
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Oakland, California
  • Virtual Engagement

Target skills

  • Board development
  • Training and development

Topic of the session

We are an emerging non profit that needs support with board development. We currently have a board of about 8-10 people. Some of whom are very experienced and others who are not. We are needing some outside guidance and board training around roles and responsibilities of an effective board.
Thanks so much for considering us!

Organization's mission

The Fresh Life Foundation (FLF) is an emerging nonprofit organization preparing to launch exciting work toward uplifting the health, well-being and economic advancement of the West Oakland community. This organization has been formed in close relationship to People’s Community Market, a community-based project developing a unique mission-driven food market, cafe and social hall in West Oakland (slated to open in late 2017). FLF will undertake a variety of charitable activities that are essential to advancing the goals of People’s Community Market. Together, these two organizations will form a robust approach to creating greater empowerment and inclusive change at the community level.

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.