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Project Overview

We seek someone experienced in dealing with major companies and particularly with sales approaches. After testing messages and building a marketing campaign seeking to engage major companies as allies in our mission to bring emotional intelligence learning to all schools, we seek an individual to project-manage our outreach to numerous companies. Our goal is to develop corporate marketing and message partners around our “brand,” known as Equip Our Kids! – partners who will take the Equip Our Kids core advocacy directly to the public using their own resources or choose to sponsor our outreach campaign for their “social branding.” Companies can co-create with us or use their own creative resources to develop unique approaches to getting parents and the public to demand this game-changing curriculum in all U.S. pre-K-12 schools. Only 10 % of schools flourish with these programs and practices with remarkable academic and behavioral results that carry forward into adulthood for those fortunate to experience such skills learning. We have a target list of hundreds of companies to be managed.

The project manager would help refine the partner target list and manage some of the initial contacts. A blessing but not a requisite would be that you have enough experience in sales and marketing project management to be comfortable joining in some of the follow-up presentation meetings with company execs.

The Big EQ’s Equip Our Kids campaign is primarily focused on mobilizing parent, business and public awareness and activism around the enormous benefits to children, schools, families, workplaces, and society of bringing emotional intelligence and relationship skills training into every school. We believe this is a historical game-changer that dispels the negative ways humans tend to treat themselves and others. We support no specific program that schools can use of the more than 1000 available. Instead, we act as a sorely needed marketing agency for the concept. Like the Got Milk Campaign a few years ago, we are the “Got EQ” campaign that favors no specific brand of EQ enhancement. We have built an attractive and viable website to educate the public, parents in particular, and lead them toward both awareness of and advocacy at the school and legislative levels for this learning. Simply put, the reason these remarkable practices are not in every school is that 90 percent of parents and more of the public don’t even know they exist and so don’t ask for them. We seek corporate co-marketers to join the awareness campaign with their resources.
We have created a sophisticated media kit and company research to support it and experienced leadership in marketing to companies. Implementation is outreach to our list of potential partner companies and persuading as many as possible to participate with their resources in getting this curriculum in all schools.

Nonprofit Overview

The Big EQ Campaign intends to be a mass advertising and marketing education campaign whose sole and huge vision is to galvanize the American public to include in every school's daily curriculum education for students and staff in emotional management and in relationship and co-creativity social skills – to the demonstrated and evidence-based profound benefit of children, teens, adults, the schools themselves, and society and business (the economy) as a whole. In education circles this is best known as Social and Emotional Learning

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