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Kids' Choice Inc
6 - 9 weeks
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Temple, Georgia
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Posted June 29
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Project Overview

Kids' Choice Inc.'s goal is to empower college students to take charge of their own learning while navigating through the financial challenges of higher education. A new updated donations page is coming soon and we need your help! Specifically, we need a graphic designer to design the donation page to make it attractive to donors. Our goal is to target and reach our audience and be the solution for youth development and financial needs.

his project is a priority and necessary because it's important to attract students to education opportunities that help support learning while helping students save and pay for college. Moreover, this non-profit helps students build financial support for their educational endeavors. So, why not attract help equip students and our youth with skills to help them be successful? This design will help fulfill the mission for students to create educational resources for scholarships while gaining 21st-century skills. Furthermore, this design will serve as an outlet to help students take control and responsibility for their own learning, which will help create lifelong learners’ students can be not only consumers but producers of technology with the support. If anyone invests in this project, they are investing in a new innovative way for students utilizing technology to promote creativity, critical thinking, reading skills, mathematical fluency, communication, and much more! This project is an investment in our youth, our future!

The preparations the organization has already been made for this project. For example, we have the information for the donations page ready! Our team is ready because we believe in our mission!

Nonprofit Overview

An online marketplace where students buy and sell original educational resources to gain 21st Century Skills.

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