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STEM Coding Lab, Inc.
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website design

Posted November 19
Member since 2020-08-11

Project Overview

As the new Executive Director of a small Pittsburgh nonprofit, STEM Coding Lab, my work is increasingly reliant on the marketing of a website that's clear, concise, aesthetically engaging, and appropriately reflective of our hard work. Our current website,, falls short in providing us with that asset, so I'd be thrilled to retain a pro bono consultant to help us with website redesign and presentation. We are in need of a new aesthetic - whether it be via a simple template change and new imagery or something broader - and would be grateful for all the help we can get.
STEM Coding Lab's mission is to provide digital literacy and computer science learning to historically underserved schools throughout our region. The children we serve attend schools that rarely have the technological resources necessary to ensure that every child has an opportunity to prepare him or herself for the future job market - at STEM Coding Lab, we work to fill those gaps. Our website serves as the central portal for all things STEM Coding Lab, so this effort will greatly assist our organization craft a site that's attractive to donors and schools, ultimately enabling us to serve as many students as possible.

Esuring equity of access to the crucial education every child needs to compete later in life is our mission - the STEM Coding Lab website is our first line of defense in our fight to rid our region of inequality and economic disparity. We welcome all those who believe in our mission!

We have done the competitive audit necessary to understand how other nonprofits of similar size and scope have structured their websites. What's needed shouldn't be a heavy lift - our website simply needs a facelift, while keeping the majority of the text we have already - but we are committed to devoting the staff time necessary to see the project through to its end.

Nonprofit Overview

STEM Coding Lab's mission is to provide children in underserved communities access to computer education to better prepare them to compete and succeed in the digital world.


Graphic design - web
User interface design