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Posted November 30
Member since 2018-02-11

Project Overview

We are planning a S.T.E.A.M. Africa pilot program and need help with grant research and submitting of Grant.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is a driver of economic performance and is essential for helping growing economies compete in the global market, create jobs (especially STEAM jobs). Despite Africa lagging behind other regions in STEAM, it has great untapped potential to transform its own and the global economy thanks to its unique demographic status. Today, Africa has the world’s largest population of young people. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects, over 60% of Africa’s population is currently under 25. Less than 25% of African higher education students are in STEAM fields, with the majority of students studying social sciences and humanities according to the African Development Bank. Unfortunately, most African schools do not specialize in STEAM subjects, and since few students can afford to travel abroad for education in STEAM subjects, it is vital to focus on education in Africa itself.

Our STEAM program will form partnerships with rural, regional leaders and schools in Ghana, West Africa, to introduce STEAM fundamentals to rural Ghana students, from elementary to college level. Our goal is to empower the underserved, underprivileged, and technologically impoverished students through STEAM education with the hope of training them to fill the void of technology opportunities around the world.

The goals of the project are:
● Engaging in hands-on learning and experimentation
● Exposing students to real-world STEM and its applications to career fields
● Empowering students in team-building exercises through a STEAM approach
● Exposing students to practicing professionals in STEM fields
● Challenging students to be forward and innovative thinkers
The team has been working on this Initiative for over a year, we have our infographics and other documentation ready. In addition, we have a google shared drive with all of our findings and what the project entails. We have a strategic plan document for the program.

Nonprofit Overview

To assist low-income or minority high school and college students to study abroad.

We are committed to the belief that, regardless of ethnic and financial background, all young adults should benefit from an international educational experience and cultural exchange.


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