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San Francisco, California
Website development
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Posted January 26
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Project Overview

Our website is built but needs back-end PHP code fixing
One issue is the responsiveness of the site- isn't showing well on mobile device, so site has to made more mobile responsive whether that is through a plug-in or other means
The site is too slow, issues with code built upon code
So, someone who knows PHP can fix the issues
The site is a custom site using WordPress as the content manager
issues are primarily in the back-end/coding
The shopping cart is not working correctly- so can explain more about this issue
Send Grid needs to be attached
We help dog rescues and adoption – connecting to a few rescue organizations that work to place both older dogs (hard to adopt) and dogs of all ages (as well as cats). We also provide important information for the health and well-being of pets through written and podcast platformsThe site is ready to launch soon and your work will be very much appreciated. We have spent a lot of time and effort constructing the site and need your help to finish things off.


Nonprofit Overview

PawNews supports the awareness of animal organizations, providing information about these organizations and adoptable dogs. The dire truth is that many dogs with delightful personalities and in good health are euthanized. A contributing factor to the overcrowded conditions in shelters is the relinquishment of pets due to a misunderstanding about the responsibilities involved in pet companionship.
PawNews shares essential information to help pet companions properly care for their pets.


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