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Visions Global Empowerment
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Irvine, California
Website design

Posted January 23
Member since 2023-01-17

Project Overview

Our non-profit, Visions (, is developing Blue Brick School, a free platform to build, share, and play e-learning activities. We are still developing the platform and are focused on fundraising, in order to continue the platform's development. We would like to work with a skilled volunteer who can review the design of our current website ( and help us make design changes that will help build investor confidence in our project. If feasible, we would also like help with reviewing and improving our 1-page Executive Summary document.

There are 750 million people who lack literacy skills worldwide, of which 387 million are children children. Blue Brick School has the potential to enable literacy skills for every child in their home language. There is no other platform offering what we do for free, and we know that millions of children will benefit from using Blue Brick school. Please help us take Blue Brick School to the next level!

We already have a website and an executive summary in place, however, we need professional input to revamp the site and make it look more attractive. We are working with a web developer in India, who will implement any changes to the site once we are ready to submit the changes.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Visions Global Empowerment is to enable sustainable development through Education, Leadership and Technology. In 2018, we began developing Blue Brick School (, a platform to build, share, and play e-learning activities.


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