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Clear Water Nitrate Reduction Education
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Posted January 30
Member since 2020-06-18

Project Overview

We are looking for a volunteer who can conduct a stakeholder research initiative for our organization.

Our organization needs a clear vision of who we trying to engage in our programming, fundraising, and partnership efforts. We are hopeful that intentional research on our organization’s core stakeholders can help ensure that our messaging hits all the right marks. This project will include: gathering and analyzing information about target demographics, ideal forms of outreach, and/or what worked well or not during past outreach drives. This research could include digging into what our expected stakeholders are reading, who they’re influenced by, where they live, and demographic details. Your research could also fuel the work of building user personas: a mock-up of your organization’s ideal individual client, corporate partner, hands-on volunteer, or foundation partner.

By synthesizing this information, you will empower our team to make better, data-backed decisions on how to progress toward our mission's goals.

We are launching a campaign right now to create new partnerships and find potential areas where conservation practices need to be implemented. An understanding of who we need to reach out to more and the needs of the communities we serve will help us make the most impact possible to reduce water pollution and improve public health.

To prepare for this project, we have outlined who we believe our current core audiences are and who our aspirational audiences will be. You will have a dedicated team member to work with on this project. We plan to implement the results of this research project by creating campaigns to further partner with people and businesses in our industry and those most affected by water pollution.


Nonprofit Overview

To reduce pollution using hybrid water filtration systems, research at the professional and undergraduate level, and water quality experiential learning education for local k-12 school children.


Strategic analysis
Business analysis
Market research