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Clear Water Nitrate Reduction Education
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Accounting & Finance
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Posted January 30
Member since 2020-06-18

Project Overview

Help us strengthen our financial management practices! We are looking for a volunteer finance professional to assess our current financial situation for developing a new conservation targeting software, pricing strategy, and risk factors.

Based on your assessment of our organization's financial status, this project could also include conducting a financial reforecasting exercise. We'd also benefit from a volunteer's recommendations on the cost of developing software, best practices for achieving a healthy annual surplus, or creating financial scenarios for periods of increased community need.

We predict that this finance project will take from 36-48 hours to complete. We're hoping that our pro bono partner will share three to five hours of their time each week with our team.

Conservation practices in the United States are often scattered in areas that do not benefit the most from the practice. We have developed a new method for locating conservation practices that will increase the effectiveness of conservation nationwide. We need a volunteer to help us analyze the cost of turning this method into software so that we can identify areas that need our solutions quickly and with fewer hours.

With your help, we'll be able to understand how much will be invested in order to produce our technology, how much we can feasibly spend maintaining the software, and how much we should charge others to use this software.

To prepare for this project, we have gathered our budgeting information and will share access to our financial management tools. We plan to implement the recommendations of this project by searching for developers who can create this software for us using the budget we create.


Nonprofit Overview

To reduce pollution using hybrid water filtration systems, research at the professional and undergraduate level, and water quality experiential learning education for local k-12 school children.


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